Cre8ive Clients – Support Notice & Updates

Many of you have gotten used to contacting Carrie & Steven for support issues on Cre8ive cialis canadian pharmacy products over the years and while they are still front-and-center on all the action going on around here, there are a lot of us helping make sure everything stays neat-and-tidy!

This is why contacting Cre8ive Industries through is so important! There is also a central phone number, but most times email is more efficient since it means we can cut-and-paste right into the support log and get people working on the request much more quickly! The phone number if you need it is 678-590-1007. Actually there`s a fax # too, but this is certainly an oddity these days - 678-668-7497.

If you are on a support retainer with us phone calls and support are generally handled under the plan, anything else is handled on a Block of Time (BOT) basis so make sure you have a current BOT before reaching out. If you need to check on or replenish a Block of Time just email